The four most influential selling words in the wonderful world of commerce. It is not as if we can live without them, it's just that we cannot live with them. They have been foisted on us by our own selfish wants, not needs.

The Free in Freedom no longer lives with us as an ally, but works against us as a selling agent.

New is also a word that is more powerful now than the great linguist intended. If it's not a New One, then get One, because it just isn't good enough.

Chocolate simply brings out the greed in us. We can live without it, in so much more comfort than it affords us.

Sex, well what can be said about it? Sure as hen's teeth, they all get more than we do. The question is, "Are They more content with it?"

We are punished today by our greed for material possessions. The punishment comes from the Big Boys and Girls who need to sell to us to keep them where they are, and us where we are. If we could only see this for what it is, we would not be guiled into the trap. The indulgences of shows us for what we want, not what we need. An escape is in our hands, minds and future. The word can be used to effect an inbuilt ability to create reality from imagination. For our personal betterment, and necessarily their lessening ability on our souls. Institutions have relied on our 'Sheep to the Slaughter' mentality , to guide us on our merry way. All this can be changed by you, if you take time to look about you and see how they do it. Creativity is in us all, it just needs the time taken to extract it. The world does not give a diddly squat for you, the lesser, but most important piece of it. So parade your muscle, flex your acumen and see how you look to the world and people. It has so much to offer to you, just as you have much to offer it. You simply need to take a grip on yourself and let it fly, it is within you and if you let it be, without you. Physically and mentally, we have in our possession the passion and sport to herald in a new era. The only way to embellish on our tapestry is to find the time for it.

If you want to see how I try to survive it, then get to grips with me:

Les Rowe


Les Rowe 1996